Product Summary

The K6R4016C1D is a 4,194,304-bit high-speed Static Random Access Memory organized as 262,144 words by 16 bits.
The K6R4016C1D uses 16 common input and output lines and has an output enable pin which operates faster than address
access time at read cycle. Also it allows that lower and upper byte access by data byte control(UB, LB). The device is fabricated using SAMSUNG¢s advanced CMOS process and designed for high-speed circuit technology. It is particularly well suited for use in high-density high-speed system applications.
The K6R4016C1D is packaged in a 400mil 44-pin plastic SOJ or TSOP(II) forward or 48 T BGA


Fast Access Time 10ns(Max.)
Low Power Dissipation :Standby (TTL)     :  20mA(Max.) (CMOS)  :  5mA(Max.)  Operating   K6R4016C1D-10 : 65mA(Max.)
Single 5.0V±10% Power Supply
TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
Fully Static Operation - No Clock or Refresh required
Three State Outputs
Center Power/Ground Pin Configuration
Data Byte Control : LB : I/O1~ I/O8,   UB : I/O9~ I/O16
Standard Pin Configuration
             K6R4016C1D-J : 44-SOJ-400
             K6R4016C1D-K : 44-SOJ-400(Lead-Free)
             K6R4016C1D-T : 44-TSOP2-400BF
             K6R4016C1D-U : 44-TSOP2-400BF (Lead-Free)
             K6R4016C1D-E : 48-TBGA with 0.75 Ball pitch
                          (7mm X 9mm)
Operating in Commercial and Industrial Temperature range.